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We aim to keep pace and evolve with Shanghai’s rapidly changing art and music scene. We want to offer local and international reviews, features, a constantly updating events hub and much, much more.

“But what else?” We hear you ask

Well, we want Shanghai 24/7 to offer a local social network platform allowing people to connect in a way that other social networks don't allow you to. Going to a gig but want some friends to join you? Post it in the forums. Met someone at that art gallery opening? Connect with them on Shanghai 24/7. We want to offer instant messenger services linked to your other messenger accounts and profile updates that spread throughout all the social networks that you’re part of. Want a personal blog? Contact us and we'll give you one. Soon we'll also offer groups, band/dj/artist pages and advanced personal profile pages, allowing you to connect with your fans or you to connect with your favourite local artists.

Shanghai24/7 is a constantly updating, living, social scene which will connect people and allow them to get the most out of one of the greatest cities in the world.

So what can you do?

Well, Shanghai 24/7 is nothing without its members, sign up and chat, comment, link and generally involve yourselves. If you want to contribute then do so, either by commenting, posting in our forums or becoming one of our regular contributors. If you'd like to know more about how to become a part of Shanghai 24/7 email us at

If you are a venue, an artist, a gallery or a musician, contact us and, if you want, we'll get you involved.

BUT, these are early days. We have just started out, therefore things will not be perfect. The functionality may not be quite right just yet and there may be features that don't work 100% like they're supposed to, but bear with us. We are a small group of individuals that for the most part do this in our spare time, so little teething problems are expected. Ultimately, Shanghai 24/7 is a work in progress, but we'll get there with hard work and a bit of help from our friends (that's you that is.)

Remember, Shanghai 24/7 is a community driven website: we need you to make us great. If you have ANY feedback, good or bad, contact us using the 'contact us' link, or email

And of course, visit regularly; you never know what might have changed…