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Sherwood Collective montage, April 11th, 2008
from left to right: Jesse, Katiya, Andy, Christain, Larry, Thiago, Diana, MC (photos by Han & Toby)

The Sherwood Collective, Rock/Jazz Collective from Ningbo, Zhejiang



(Including active and non-active)

Vocals: Thiago, Larry (楼磊), Jules, Katiya, Jin Wang (金望), Stephanie, Yulia, Mao Qiong (毛琼), Minh, Chris, Petra, etc...

Guitars: Jesse, Andy, MC, Kenny

Bass: Jesse, Andy, Christian

Drums: MC, Kenny

Keys, Piano: Diana

Sax: George, Zou Quan (邹全)

Violin: Joe, Kenny

Pipa: Rachel


Formed in the Spring of 2007, as an ever-changing collective of musicians in Ningbo, China. Features artists from Hong Kong, Russia, Canada, China, UK, Austria, Vietnam, Thailand, Brazil, Germany, Philippines, etc, reflecting the diverse nature of our lives in China.

We had our a successful debut concert at University of Nottingham Ningbo, in Spring 2007, featuring covers of our favorite songs. Later in the spring we performed a "jazz-pipa" version of Louis Prima's "Come Back To Sorrento" at the school's Spring Art Festival, performed at the opening ceremony of the Crossing Cultural Boundaries conference, and won 2nd place (out of 3) for our performance of Miles Davis' "All Blues" (featuring pipa, dulcimer and violin) at the Ningbo Higher-Education Music Festival (video: [1]).

The next fall saw a repeat of "Come Back to Sorrento" at the Ningbo Pharmaceutical College's Music festival. After weeks of rehearsals with some new singers and new songs we currated the University of Nottingham Ningbo's 1st mini-International Music Festival, featuring dozens of performers, including Skyline and new band Radical Faction. Sherwood Collective branched out into more rock music from around the world now, featuring a songs by Serge Gainsbourg, 张震岳, Radiohead, the Killers and other American, British, Japanese and Chinese bands.

April 11th saw the first show of 2008, featuring the Sherwood Collective with songs we have written ourselves as well as some tasteful covers, along with the return of Radical Faction and local band 零度 from Ningbo Institute of Technology. We played in Ningbo at the 1982 Rock Club's Spring Rock Music Festival on April 25th, 2008, with Shanghai band The Rogue Transmission and two electronic bands from France (Link: [2]). Sherwood Collective also performed a headlining show at the 1982 Rock Club on June 6th, 2008.


Sherwood Jazz Collective - Miles Davis' All Blues, live in Beilun video: