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Six Shot, July 19th 2008, photo by Andy Best

Six Shot, Shanghai metal / deathcore band




July 19th 2008, they performed during the 0093 showcase show no. 6 at the Yu Yin Tang (Bands: Six Shot, 5-Pointed Star, Candy Shop, Brunch and Bang Bang Tang). According to Andy Best a traditonal thrash band with absolutely no rapping and no samples. At this point the hall was packed and everyone went nuts for it. I haven't been at a pure thrash gig for ages, especially one with proper moshing and headbanging. The singer was feeding off it, calling out the audience in the mosh pit and getting good responses. .[1]


On November 14th, 2009, they performed at the Mao Live at the Hell United event.


January 29th, 2010, they performed at the Playful Warrior concert night in the Yuyintang. According to Andy Best: Six Shot had the perfect slot. At this point the room was as full as it was going to get and they were they first experienced band on. They have improved a lot since I last saw them and have pared down their sound into relentless grinding. This was as violent a mosh pit as I've ever seen at YYT. Full of mad windmills, straight out punching and non stop action. The most impressive sight was the girls giving as good as the guys and never shirking from the pit centre. The band were badass and the front man even growled/gurgled the brief banter between tracks. It was metal heaven and such a great show.[2] On March 13th, they performed during the Hell United First Anniversary concert at the Mao Livehouse in Shanghai. According to Jake Newby: These guys are really experienced and have picked up quite a following in the last few shows. Their set didn't sound quite right for me during the opening couple of songs - the drums seemed out of time to the rest of the band - but they got it together later on in the set and had everyone head banging away like crazy.[3] On March 27th, they performed at the Date with the devil metal night at Harley's Bar, Shanghai. According to Andy Best: the sound was the best I've heard in months at any gig in Shanghai. The unbelievable clarity of the sound at good volumes made Six Shot's set even more awesome than usual. They are the kings of grind.[4]

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