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Slit, Dec 16th 2005, photo by Yoshito Katori

Slit (裂, liě), disbanded Shanghai visual kei/emocore/post-punk/metal band



Formed in the spring of 2003.

March 11th, 2006, they rocked the Shuffle Music Bar as support act to Subs. In April they released their EP 雨瑟 for promotion, sending it to several radio stations and press media. September 2006, they performed at the 1234 Beach Rock 2006 festival.[1]

History (Japanese) from

上海のビジュアル系ロックバンド。2003年春に結成となった。メンバーは、H(王子卿)(陳鐘文)(元・玲瓏楽隊)(Vo)のほか、hana(錢程棟)(女性)(リードG)・yui(范維伊)(女性)(G)・HOTARU(呉曉麗)(女性)(B)・eki(董奕)(Dr)で、元・THE REMAINS楽隊のメンバーが中心となって構成されている。

7月13日、欧楽でライブを行った。この時、Hは赤い血のようなものを吐き、観客を驚かせた。また、h(周泉)(リズムG)が参加した。7月、上海視覚楽隊連盟に加入した。9月、HOTARUが脱退した。そして、yuiがベースに転向し、メンバーは、H(Vo)・h(リズムG)・hana(リードG)・ yui(B)・eki(Dr)となった。9月20日、頂層画廊でライブを行った。11月15日、挂二音楽工場で行われた“為広州楽手幼女募損義演(沼澤楽隊の阿来の娘のためのチャリティライブ)”に参加した。その後、HANAが仕事と恋愛のためにバンドを脱退した。Ajoy(G)が加入した。




同年半ばから活動を再開する。メンバーはH以外全て入れ替えとなり、H(王子卿)(Vo)・張瀟(G)・希雅(高翔)(SHIYA)(元・FUSION楽隊、元・李宗盛楽隊)(B)・王曉東(元・CITY EYE楽隊)(Dr)という編成である。この頃から英語名だけでなく、中国語名の「裂」を名乗るようになった。

7月23日、哈雷酒[ロ巴]で行われた人魚楽隊のライブの前座を務めた。この時、Hは赤い血のようなものを吐いた。その後、陳天華(G)が加入し、王子卿(Vo)・陳天華(G)・張瀟(G)・希雅(B)・王曉東(Dr)となり、5人編成になった。8月27日、紅兜兜音楽酒[ロ巴]でライブを行った。9月9日、紅兜兜音楽酒[ロ巴]でライブを行った。9月16日、“2005中国台湾中秋連歓晩会”に参加した。9月23日、挂二音楽酒[ロ巴]で行われた四綫方格楽隊と麻沸散楽隊のライブの前座を務めた。10月1日、SUB HOUSEでライブを行った。10月29日、哈雷酒[ロ巴]でライブを行った。11月4日、288酒[ロ巴]で行われた幸福大街楽隊のライブの前座を務めた。12月16日、哈雷酒[ロ巴]でライブを行った。12月17日、現場酒[ロ巴]でライブを行った。12月19日、SHUFFLE MUSIC BARのオープニングライブに出演した。12月23日、SHUFFLE MUSIC BARでライブを行った。12月24日、欧楽酒[ロ巴]で行われた“SHANGHAI ROCK FESTIVAL -3rd stage-”に参加した。12月30日、現場酒[ロ巴]でライブを行った。12月31日、SHUFFLE MUSIC BARでライブを行った。


1月6日より毎週金曜日、SHUFFLE MUSIC BARでライブを行った。1月14日、東大名創庫で行われた“ROCK AROUND CLOCK”ライブに参加した。1月15日、復興公園でライブを行った。1月26日、SHUFFLE MUSIC BARで新年ライブを行った。3月11日、SHUFFLE MUSIC BARで行われたSUBS楽隊のライブの前座を務めた。3月18日、新天地ARKでライブを行った。4月22日、SHUFFLE MUSIC BARでライブを行った。4月25日、華東師範大学でライブを行った。同月、1stEP『雨瑟』を発表した。5月2日、育音堂で行われた“永恒のX--HIDE八周年祭”に参加した。

2006年5月、王子卿が脱退してKaminari(Vo)が加入し、STAR SCREAM楽隊と改名した。

9月17日、三甲港海浜楽園で行われた“1234沙灘音楽節”に参加した。この時のメンバーは、陳天華(Vo&G)・張瀟(G)・希雅(B)・小鶏(Dr)で、BRUTEL MELODY楽隊のメンバーが中心であった。10月17日、日本で発売となったオムニバス『上海点火 Vol.1』に曲が収録された。




Ajoyは2004年頃になり、阿奴比斯的眼泪楽隊を結成した。小鶏は2006年9月、THE FUCK'NDROLLS楽隊に加入した。張瀟は2006年10月、摩天輪楽隊に加入した。

Machine-translated content

Visual Kei band in Shanghai. Was formed in the spring of 2003. Member, H (Sir Prince) (Chen, Jong-moon) (玲瓏 original band) (Vo) as well as, hana (building 錢程) (women) (Reed G) · yui (I 范維) (women) (G) · HOTARU ( Satoru Rei Wu) (women) (B) · eki (Tung Yi) (Dr) in the original THE REMAINS has been mainly consists of members of the band.

July 13, went to live in Europe easier. This time, H is spitting blood like a red, surprising the audience. Also, h (Amane Izumi) (rhythm G) participated. July, joined the Shanghai Federation of visual band. September, HOTARU who left the band. And, yui and turned to the base, members, H (Vo) · h (rhythm G) · hana (Reed G) · yui (B) · eki (Dr) was. September 20, went to live in top-tier gallery. November 15, held at the Music Factory 挂 two "young girls get comfortable Guangzhou STUDY 演 loss for righteousness (charity gigs for the band, daughter of Ata comes Numazawa)" has been joined. Then, HANA has left the band and love for work. Ajoy (G) has joined.

Around the year 2004, singled out (G) has joined.

January 31, went to live in top-tier gallery. On March 31, hana left the band, member H (Vo) · singled out (G) · Ajoy (G) · YUI (B) · EKI (Dr) was. Then, EKI has left her marriage. And soon, 黄強 (發条 original orange band) (Dr) has joined. In addition, YUI has left the band. Then, 戛 mouth] [戛 mouth] (磁浮 original band) (B) has joined. Then left the 黄強, fry Wang Wei (Dr) has joined. Eventually, Ajoy have withdrawn. Also, singled out in March formed a band for people who Equipment Eternal small pieces, leaving the band. Later, Ding Wu (璃玻 original steel band), Feng Li Lin (髓楽 Corps) (G) has joined. H band in the performance of the visual system is in full swing, some fans are fixed, a series of lineup changes have not been able to live a decent work.

January 29, 2005, went to live in top-tier gallery. [戛 mouth] [戛 mouth] Admissions for the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, leaving the band. Then pause and activities.

Will resume from the mid-year. H members will all be replaced with other, H (Sir Prince) (Vo) · 瀟 Zhang (G) · Ya rare (Gao Xiang) (SHIYA) (FUSION former band, marching band Hazime Mori Hazime Ri) (B) · Satoru Azuma Wang (former CITY EYE band) (Dr) that is organized. Nowadays not only from the English name, Chinese name "crack" now claiming to be.

July 23, alcohol 哈雷 [Û Tomoe] served as a curtain raiser for the live band was held in mermaids. This time, H is something like a blood-red vomit. Later, Chen Chun-Hua (G) is a party, Sir Prince (Vo) · Chen Chun-Hua (G) · 瀟 Zhang (G) · Ya Noble (B) · 東 Ou Satoru (Dr) Nearby, five people were organizing. August 27, wine red helmet helmet music [Û Ba] made live. September 9, drinking red helmet helmet music [Û Ba] made live. September 16, "2005 Mid-Autumn Festival Committee sequence 歓晩 Taiwan" China participated in the. September 23, two drink 挂 music [Û Tomoe] 散楽 Corps served as the opening act of boiling live band and hemp made in case 綫方 4. October 1, SUB HOUSE went to live. October 29, alcohol 哈雷 [Û Ba] made live. November 4, alcohol 288 [Û Tomoe] served as a curtain raiser for the band live in the city made great happiness. December 16, liquor 哈雷 [Û Ba] made live. December 17, liquor scene [Û Ba] made live. December 19, SHUFFLE MUSIC BAR opening appeared live. December 23, SHUFFLE MUSIC BAR went to live. December 24, easy drinking Ou [Û Ba] was held in "SHANGHAI ROCK FESTIVAL-3rd stage-" who participated in the. December 30, liquor scene [Û Ba] made live. December 31, SHUFFLE MUSIC BAR went to live.

January 2006 January, drink scene [Û Ba] made live. January 1, alcohol 021 [Û Ba] made live.

Every Friday from the date of January 6, SHUFFLE MUSIC BAR went to live. January 14, held at the University of Tokyo warehouse name creation "ROCK AROUND CLOCK" participated in the live. January 15, went to live in the park reconstruction. January 26, SHUFFLE MUSIC BAR went to live in the New Year. March 11, SHUFFLE MUSIC BAR SUBS served as a curtain-raiser held in a live band. March 18, went to live in Xintiandi ARK. April 22, SHUFFLE MUSIC BAR went to live. April 25, went to live in the East China Normal University. Same month, 1stEP 『瑟 today announced the rain. May 2, sound education took place in the Hall "in Roy X - HIDE eight anniversary festival" attended to.

May 2006, then joined Sir Prince Kaminari (Vo) is a party, STAR SCREAM band and renamed.

September 17, held in Port Sanko beach paradise "Sha Nada music section 1234" took. Members of this time, Chen Chun-Hua (Vo & G) · 瀟 Zhang (G) · Ya Noble (B) · small chicken (Dr) in, BRUTEL MELODY was core members of the band. October 17, was released in Japan Omnibus Vol.1 』Shanghai『 ignition to the songs.

2007, work resumed. Member H (Vo) · small strength (G) · Ya Noble (B) · small chicken (Dr). December 31, 4LIVE went to live.

2008, and resumed their activities. Member H (Vo) · small strength (G) · Yoshiaki summer (Dr) and. May 2, Zhi / suspension] Jiang went to live in a dream factory. May 14, 3456 Shanghai International Studies University, Matsue school zones were in the classroom [statement system] participated in a live charity earthquake victims River. July 12, Zhi / suspension] Jiang went to live in a dream factory.

Chen Chun-Hua Zhang small chicken 瀟 November 2006, formed a basement band order.

Ajoy will be around 2004, formed a band Hi fellow Ata 泪 斯的 eye. Small chicken in September 2006, THE FUCK'NDROLLS joined the band. Zhang 瀟 October 2006, joined the band friction wheel heaven.

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