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Background Information
Name (English) The Face
Name (Chn.) 面孔 / Mian Kong
Origin Beijing
Genre Hard Rock, Glam Metal, Heavy Metal, Alternative rock
Years active 1989-1996, 2006 -
Vocals: Chén Huī 陈辉

Bass: Ōu Yáng 欧洋 (Overload, Zheng Jun)

Guitar: Fú Níng 符宁 (Yan, Thin Man)

Drums: Hé Yán 何岩

Former members
Ou Deng (lead vocals) (1989-1992)

Lei Ma (drums) (1989-1992)

Hu Wei (drums) (1992-1996)




The Face is one of the representative 2nd generation Chinese rock bands, starting out at the beginning of the 90s. They were one of the last signings of the famous label Gun Shi (Rolling Rock Rec.). Their style of hard rock and metal was quite influential around that time, and their debut a milestone in Chinese rock history. The band disbanded around 1996 and reunited around 2006. Bass player Ou Yang is still active today, working with other artists like Zheng Jun and Overload. He is also co-owner of the famous Beijing venue, Yugong Yishan.

The band is currently signed to new label, Pilot Records.

The members

Chen Hui: He started to learn the violin and singing from his child days and he was interested in music and literature. He wrote the lyrics for their hit songs such as Dream and Habit . After the disbanding of The Face, he went on to work on his solo material and released the record 解脱 in 1999.

Ou Yang: He was born into a family of musicians and always had a good grasp and insight. His brother Deng used to co-write songs until leaving the band in 1992. During song writing he always knows how to take the best elements of Western music and include it in his songs. After the disbanding of The Face, he was active in bands such as Overload or worked together with Zheng Jun. He also traveled to the UK, studying electronic music production.

Ning Fu: Since childhood he loved music and practiced hard. From 1997 to 2002, he was the lead guitarist for Beijing band Thin Man and formed in 2003 the band Yan (艳). In 2006 he returned to The Face.

He Yan: He joined The Face in 2006.

The Band

The Face formed 1989 in Beijing by brothers Deng and Yang Ou (lead vocals and bass, respectively) Ning Fun (guitar), and Lei Ma (drums). At the time, all the band members were in their late teens. The band's first recorded song, "Give Me Some Love" (1990), was included in one of China's first rock compilation records, China Fire I (中国火1). In 1992, Deng and Lei decided to leave the band, giving way for a new lead singer and a new drummer. Chen Hui joined as new lead singer, and Hu Wei on drums. This stabilized the band lineup, so that the band could start writing new songs. With the change in lineup and the start of their creative song writing, the band also switched from pop metal towards a more alternative rock style.

In 1994, they were included in the compilation record Beijing Rock 2 (摇滚北京2) with two songs: Dream (梦) and I am not tired (我不累). Their song Dream received airplay by more than 20 radio stations nation-wide in their best music charts and the Tianjin cable TV station listed the song for 17 weeks in their charts.

In 1995, they signed with one of the world's five major record companies, BMG, and released their record Instinct of Fire, which is a collection of 10 songs, recorded in 1992-94. The record included typical hard rock songs, such as Dream or What are you (你是什么), but also featured more pop metal songs such as I need (我需要). The record reached rocket-high sales with 700 thousand copies sold and manifestated itself as a classic rock album in China.

In 1996, the band announced the split of The Face and each member went on to do their solo careers.

2005 - 2007

The Face in 2006

In the second half of 2005, the idea of reforming The Face was born and in 2006, the band reformed with the following lineup Vocals: Chén Huī 陈辉, Bass: Ōu Yáng 欧洋, Guitar: Fú Níng 符宁 and Drums: Hé Yán 何岩. On September 10th, they performed at the Beijing Pop Festival 2006. March 16th, 2007, they performed at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. March 24th, they performed again at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. April 27th, they rocked the Mao Live. July 22nd, they performed at the Huhhot 首届鄂爾多斯草原揺滾音楽会 music festival in Inner Mongolia. July 28th, they performed at the Starlive for the 記念『在路上』出版五十周年 event. November 16th, they rocked the Yugong Yishan.


On January 1st, 2008, they performed during the release party of Reflector's record 成长瞬间 in the HaiDian 展覧館. May 30th, they performed at the Yugong Yishan during a charity concert for the victims of the SiChuan earthquake. June 7th, they performed in Tianjin's 13 Club. June 13th, they performed at Tangshan's 後海音楽倶楽部. Over time, 高鵬宇 has joined on guitars and the band extended their lineup to five members. September 20th, they performed at the Yugong Yishan. At that time He Yan could not participate and Wang Lan acted on his behalf behind the drumkit. October 2nd, they joined the Modern Sky Festival 2008. November 9th, they performed in Tianjin's 紅橋意庫創意園区A庫 at the 天津第三届原創音楽季 群英会 music festival. December 10th, they performed in the Yugong Yishan.


The Face in 2009, Shanghai, Photo: Yoshito Katori

On March 27th, 2009, they performed at the New Get Lucky Bar. June 12th, they performed at Nanjing's 古堡 bar. June 13th, they performed at Shanghai Yuyintang. June 14th, they performed at Hangzhou's 旅行者 bar. July 3rd, they performed at the Starlive during the 環境危険の揺滾危険 event. August 30th, they performed during the 夏日領航2009大型音楽季 at the North Gate of the Olympic Stadium. October 2nd they performed as support act for SKID ROW in the Starlive.


On August 27th, 2010, they performed at the Yugong Yishan, Beijing, during the Zippo Hit List event numero 4. According to Beijing Daze: Last but no least was The Face, veteran metal band that’s been around for quite some time now! They share Ou Yang as bass player with Chasing Stars and they’re solid. The crowd was substantially thinner with about 100 or so remaining in the pit for what turned out to be a decent metal performance! The Face don’t do anything special but what they do, they do right! we had loads of headbanging, some pretty sweet riffs, semblance of a power ballad and back to some blistering riffs. Seemed that at least a few audience members were familiar with their songs and were able to song along! I gotta get me some of those tracks! [1]

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