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The Shadow (阴影), "gloomy" band








A band formed on June 1992 which always took an active part in a restaurant before a high school.They gave a series of shows from June to August 1993.And when running out of food and money,they got three cases YiKang noodles from an instant noodles company with the cost of changing name to YiKang heavy metal band.

From Oct 1994 to March 1993,they began to record a demo in dormitory with very simple equipments.(during this time,their neighbor got a misery life day and night

On May 1995,they stepped to Beijing with the ideal and foolish-looking fever that most rock and roll young guys have;a wild should-length hair that the crowd of rock and roll love to see ;and black leather jacket and army boots that never change from spring to winter.

On June 1995,they took part in the First Beijing Unplugged Concert .June 1996 recorded three songs:Shadows in Life,Wild Goose,Image

On Jun 1997 recorded the song ‘Lost Memory’

On May 2004 released their first album ‘Half A Kilo Of Ideal’