The Wedding Beast

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The Wedding Beast (怀丁陛士德, Huái Dīngbìshìdé)


The trio by Zafka, 5355 and Shizi, formed in March 2008. With guitar, percussion, synth, and many other instruments, TWB are dedicated to explore the possibilities of sound improvisation and instrumental soundscape.

Zafka (ZHANG Anding) is an active sound artist in China. In 2006, the duo A Lower Summer by Zafka and 5355 explored the fusion of urban soundscape, slow core and guitar noise.

Participated in the Waterland Kwanyin no. 140 (Jun 17, 2008) and no. 134 (Apr 22, 2008).

ALW recomposed for Béla Tarr’s film《Sátántangó》in their live show in D-22. Shizi is also one of the active members of Bejing experimental music community. The three of them are also members of post-rock band Prague.

Participated Festivals