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Toreador, Beijing Gothic Metal band



Zhuzi - Vocal

Gan Lin - Vocal

Ji Kai - Guitar

Jiezi - Guitar

Han Xu - Bass

Saozi - Drums

Shi Lei - Keyboard

Li Ao - Cello


The band sorted themselves into Gothic Metal.

"Toreador" has many different meanings, including "The Fallen", "Artist", "Poser", and even "Hedonist". Actually "Toreador" here is a most human-like race of The Vampire Camarilla, a race of both advantages and disadvantages. They do everything with full of passion, for the reason that the eternal life ought to be enjoyed.

Motto of Toreador:"Fearsome truth is more beautiful than pretty lies". They agree that pain is helpful, because pain is the deepest feeling of all human emotions. They consider that personality is more important than appearance, pain is more important than beauty, truth is more worthwhile than wealth. They accept the life as it is, no judgment on virtue level.

To Toreador, pessimism is romanticism. Most of their songs are about sad feelings explode suddenly in tranquility.

All is fatal, Gone with the flow.



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