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Tropic Slaughter (嗜屠), Beijing metal band



Tropic Slaughter (嗜屠) rises from the ashes of the band Doomsblade (厄刃) as one of Beijing's freshest metal acts. The first gig was on September 1st 2009 at 13 Club.

2009-10-04 @ 19:30 : 13 Club (with Narakam, Septicaemia, Suffocated, Silent Resentment, Frosty Eve, Lacerate, Hyonblud)

Line up

Vocals: Chunyu 春雨 Guitars: Xiao Bao 小宝 Bass: Xiaohua 小华 (ex-Doomsblade) Drums: Xiaoyu 小玉 (ex-Doomsblade)

Further information

  • Douban Group
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