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Violence Pretender (歪曲扮演) is a Nu Thrash Metal band based out of Beijing.



2009-11-13 @ 22:00 : 13 Club (with Dengel, Righteous Person, Tarot Saint, Toreador, Bother, Sacrifice, Offset Heads)

2010-01-15 @ 21:00 : 13 Club (with Righteous Person, Nower, Offset Heads, Ghost Kid, Bloom in the Dark, Sacrifice)

2010-01-17 @ 20:00 : MAO Livehouse (with Rampant, Tarot Saint, Nightingale, S.I.F, Multi-Ego)

2010-02-26 @ 21:00 : 13 Club (with Final Message, Righteous Person, Bother, Rampant)

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