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Welcome to Rock in China


General description of RiC

Rock in China is an community serving the archiving, documenting and informing about Chinese underground music, such as rock, punk, metal, hip hop, electro or jazz (or any other genres).

Our purpose is to create the world's largest English language information base via a common wiki approach. Read more ...

Whom we need

We need you! Helping us to expand our present database of artists, adding the new hot-shots in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Lanzhou! Documenting that crazy night with the band from Qingdao and posting the link for the interview with Hedgehog.

Rock in China is a place to work together at the biggest project ever undertaken in Chinese rock history (next to getting the rock started in the first place), and that's getting it documented! You know Wikipedia? This is the Wikipedia of Chinese rock, metal, punk, jazz, electro and every other genre you can think of.

So what to do? First of all, get started by

1.) Getting a user account!

Login or Create an Account

2.) Adding some content, e.g.

Add a new artist

Add a new record

Add a new festival

Add a new venue

or, if you have some good info on existing bands, just add your infos to the page. In case you are unsure whether you should add them or not, post them on the discussion page, so everybody can take a look and you can discuss it together.

3.) Be sure to categorize your content, marking it with the "year" of creation, the genre it belongs to, the place it offsprung, etc. etc. etc.

4.) Read and Learn! What better to do than to explore a couple of new bands, songs or videos than at Rock in China ...

Help us fill the gaps

There are numerous talented bands in China and by the week the number grows. A lot of artists on RiC have been so far added as either Stubs from Yaogun.com, a Japanese band database, or as poorly-written machine-translated articles. Please help by sorting out the text and re-write it in good English.

Let's talk about it

Leave a message, tell your opinion, start a discussion. Every page, whether it's an artist or a record, has a Talk page (next to the edit button). Just hit that and add your 50 cent.

What others say about the underground scene of China

"...the underground scene that may very well uproot and have a lasting resonance on the current state of rock worldwide." - Angela Zimmerman (Crawdaddy)
"..Chinese musicians have for the most part developed in isolation, and their work is flush with the excitement of creating a new kind of music with no previous national model." - Ben Sisario (New York Times)
"The most exciting new music in China, ... , comes from the underground." - Kenneth Fields, professor of electronic music (Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing)
“China is on the tip of everybody’s tongue,” - Peter Grosslight (Head of music worldwide, William Morris Agency)