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Yellow Fever, second podcast by Tag Team Records, started August 8th, 2009

Self Description

Following in the footsteps of the somewhat infamous Pissing On The Bamboo Curtain podcast, former Submissionary, Gregg Vossler and Tag Team label-douche, Matthew Kagler have joined forces and decided to waste even more of your valuable time with a newer, more retarded bastardization of the once noble podcast. So, without further adieu, chicks and dudes of the virtual world, Tag Team and WaWaWa Music, sort of proudly present...Yellow Fever...a monthly podcast chuck full of rad Chinese music you probably won’t hear anywhere else and so much verbal diarrhea that you’re gonna want to chug a bottle of Imodium each time you listen. Every month, G & M are planning to drag in a special 'guest star' from either a band or the industry, hook them up to an IV of baijiu and see what happens. If anybody winds up in the hospital, we’ll throw a benefit show or whatever. So, prepare to right click and save, bitches! Episodes 1 and 2 are ready to invade your earholes right the fuck now! Listen at your own risk.


Fever *2

Special Special Guest Star: Ed Peto of Micromu

Featuring: Zhao Guang, Geng Zi, Zhang Weiwei and Guo Long, Xiao Wang, Traveler, Zhang Guonian

Fever *1

Special Special Guest Star: Richard Todd of RandomK(e)

Featuring: RandomK(e), Ourself Beside Me, Re-TROS, Wang Wen, Sound Fragment, Dead J, Lonely China Day, Richard K(e)

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