Zhang Yue

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Zhang Yue

Zhang Yue at the drum kit

English Name Zhang Yue
Chinese Name 张越 / Zhāng yuè
Field active in Rock
Plays instrument Drums
Born on 1975/04/08
Born in Beijing
Died on 2010/02/19
Died in Beijing
Associated Artists The Stone, Second Hand Rose Band, Master says



Zhang Yue (张越), Drummer of Second Hand Rose Band and Master says

Born on April 8th 1975 in Beijing, went to High School at Beijing People's University High School (北京人大附中)

1990: got engaged with rock music and started playing in bands.

1992: formed the legendary rock band The Stone with high school class mates and recorded their own songs such as "Fairy Tale Dreams" (《童话梦》), "Beijing Clock" (《北京时钟》), "Old Days" (《往日》), etc. which also got chosen for the cult series of rock compilations of those days: "Rock 94 (VA)" (《摇滚94》), "Rock Beijing II (VA)" (《摇滚北京II》), Red Star No. II (VA) (《红星II号》), Red Star No. III (VA) (《红星III号》) and so on.

1993: enrolled to the Beijing Film College for Art of Sound Recording

1995: Joint to Master says as drummer, sampling percusionist and band manager and participated on the production of the first two studio albums. He quit the band in 2001.

1996: started out as director for music clips, his productions include Zeng Fangyi's "The day after we got old" (曾凡一《有一天我们变老以后》), Li Jie's "Your Heart, my house" (李杰《你的心,我的房》), Li Huizhen's "Waiting" (李慧珍《在等待》), Guo Feng's "Let me see you once moe" (郭峰《让我再看你一眼》),Master Says' "Relative" (子曰《相对》, this video participated on the 1997er Mainland/HK/TW Video Festival), etc. Meanwhile he also shot a series of Hongkong returning to China TV productions for Beijing Television.

2001-2002: as Drummer for Pop Queen Tian Zhen's China Tour

2001 Since June official drummer of Second Hand Rose

2009 Not to long before his death, he rejoined Master says

February 19th, 2010, Zhang Yue died.

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